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Really great, well executed entry. I was confused at first, but everything quickly fell in to place. Lots of fun! 

Very interesting mechanic and nice structure

Just awesome -- before playing I saw someone mention X-Com, and I was like "???" but after playing, it has such strong, rad, original x-com vibes. Loved it.

Really cool to see a Godot engine game!

I chuckled several times at the dialogue. It was fun just checking everything to see if I could turn it in to a tree :)

The art in this is very cool. I found it very hard to make progress in Single Player -- are the generators flagged on the map? I wasn't able to pick them out. I played a couple of maps but only got 1 generator before running out of energy for my flashlight 

I really like the idea of a puzzle shooter about shooting things in the right order. Really intrigued by this gameplay!

I really like the theme of the entry a lot! 

This is really fun -- beat the first couple stages. Looking forward to finishing the rest. The art is great, with cool powerups!

Thanks for trying out the game!

once I realized the fire was spreading, it got pretty intense! I had some weird stuttering when pressing A and D, but they were not needed to feel in full control of the chopper. Enjoyed my couple of runs in this. Would have played more with more challenge, etc! Specifically I think I would have liked taking damage from collision and the smoke maybe?

everything about this is rad. Art, sound and gameplay are all really on-point. I could not really find a use for the grapple, but then the game is hard and I only made it to the 3rd wave!

This was really cool, but I kept failing the platforming on the 2nd section and having to redo it :(

my favorite game of the jam so far (including my own!) really great art style and fantastic meta-gameplay loop

I had the hardest time getting a thing to bounce in my game -- did you use the default Unity physics behavior for that? I ended up having to write a script to do it. I really liked the art in this!

Loved the art in this, although it would have been nice if the game was a little harder!

Really nicely tuned combat and the art looks great! Gamefeel on the shooting is really good!

Great scenes and really impressive animation work! Cool shader too!

Thanks for checking it out! I would really like to get a settings screen in there!

Fun movement, but It would have been cool to chain grappling shots back-to-back to reach higher max speeds? Environment is neat and had fun hunting down turrets, but ultimately only got 3/5. Maybe I will try again though, since I liked just moving through the space!

Absolutely nails the liminal space vibes of a real airport. Are the paint jobs on planes procedural too? I really enjoyed just watching the aircraft, and listening to them taxi. 

Really great aesthetic, and was having fun with this. Would have played more levels!

Very powerful vibe, but after wandering the whole peninsula, I was unable to figure out how to turn on the lighthouse! 

Really pretty game with a slick UI. Got caught orbiting a planet after a physics glitch, which was actually fun. The little signs on planets were neat!

Very cool, extremely challenging game. I felt really great doing weird tricks, like a very analogue backflip, but felt the game broke down a little when I felt like a missile that could not see where it was going. Really nice polish on the map, player trails, and end level screen!

We do plan to work on it a bit more! Glad you like it :D

Digging the collage look and the parallax scrolling -- I got 24 sticks and 25 rocks... I feel like I'm missing a stick! I see the character has a bow, and maybe there will be crafting? I'll keep an eye open for updates!

Thanks! I have a lot of stuff planned, but I wanted to get an early version out to see what people think!