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Thanks so much! Love your stuff :)

How do you tell it where to go? Like what would you write to make a object move by Vector3?

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Do you move it using "rb.velocity = new Vector3(something something something)"?

Hi! This is super cool man. How are you creating the physical hands? Because I know just snapping a collider on the hands wont cut it. Whats your solution and way around this? 

Agreed. Although in the video he posted about an hour ago he said he is updating it for open VR. So just a little longer and we can play.

Would love some index support :( Was really disappointed when I saw I couldn't use them. Good work non the less 

Oh ok. Thankyou!

Would you be willing to tell me the basics of a cylinder grip? I hear you and Nimsony talk about it and I dont get the concept. What is it exactly?

Interesting, thanks for the replies.

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Oh sweet. How are you dealing with player collisions with the floor? Im using raycasting for floor detection and its not going so well. Im trying to make it so the player just hovers at a fixed height. Im curious what your solution is.

Super cool! Was this made completely from the ground up? If not could you tell me the assets used in the game please? Thanks