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Pretty cool concept, we made a few suggestions towards improvements such as character movment. A good little game though.
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Ah cheers for watching. Pete knew exactly what he was doing, giving Joe all the stars, I'm sure.  We'll be following your dev channel for sure

We made a bit of competition out of your game, but I don't think it was very fair on one of us :s

Enjoyed it though. Lovely art style and good core gameplay loop. Basically what you want out of an game!

Much like IBS, a bit shit.

Genuinelly loved this game. Great movement and platforming, and all charm. Will definitely follow the dev and play more once more levels are released!

The corn part was fucking badass

A little confusing and clunky, but good concept. We enjoyed it

We really enjoyed this game, and got some funny moments out of it. Is there a full version releasing? I'd play a 2hour version of this game for sure. Would be worth £5.00 easy too. 

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We were all pleasantly surprised by this game. Had a lot of fun with it, got a bit drunk and giddy, made for a great episode so thanks!
Often with these narrative games, the prose is terrible, but couldn't fault the writer one bit, so good job on that too!


We tried your game. Lots of feedback and  some funny moments. Check it out!

We had a good time playing this. Would purchase a full game with fleshed-out concept!

I love the concept for the game, but some issues with controls

We had fun though!

We had a lot of fun playing this game. Joe was a right wimp, it turns out he's not very good with horror games. Had some critical feedback too on the design, so check it out!

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Well, it can't be said that we didn't have a lot of fun playing this game. Thanks!

haha, *lapping intensifies* 

We gave the demo a try - got some funny moments and constructive criticism out of it!

An honest reaction by three friends:

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We had a little play of your little game!

Actually really like this dev. Like his style. Liked the game. Like his over games. 1/10.

Good game, love this dev.

Every horror game ever, submarine addition. 
Not bad though, we had fun... probably because we were drunk.

Suprisingly hard game when you're four pints in; Bonnie, Tim and I had a fun time playing this quite artistic game.

Quite a quaint, attractive game, given its flaws. We enjoyed it at least...

Literally the best game we've ever played between 10:30-11pm yesterday.

Fun, simple game. For some reason One induced a tirade of improvised rap for us.

Fun game, better played with a friend for sure...

Fun game. Looks great and plays well. We got some good footage out of this one!

Had a lot of fun playing this game.  Didn't expect much, but the simple concept and execution spoke for itself.