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10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast

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Brilliant game and a lot of fun!

Sorry. Space has almost no weight at all. It's mostly a vacuum... ;)

A wonderful game! I am working on a video review of it right now. One thing that is needed is "Button Two" needs to have a keyboard alternative (Like Gauntlet II) - I often play with single button joysticks, and not having access to bombs is a bummer. Space for bombs would be useful.

Brilliant conversion for sure! The audio is SSSSOOOOO much better than the original C64 Dig Dug! It is actually accurate! Great job.
A mini review of it is going up on my YouTube channel today.

Just something I noticed @JOTD666 - It does not work if you boot from DF1: - I have a GoTek on DF1: and when I boot from that it gets me to the screen asking which version to run (F1, F2...) and then pops up a prompt asking for a disk in DF0:
I run floppies images, including your Pacman, Scramble and Ms. Pac Man off of DF1: all the time. Maybe an easy fix?

I was playing the Atari 2600 version of Xevious last night and it has a cool solution. Holding down the button is autofire, but release and press fires and bombs. It actually works pretty well!

I suspect it may need the extra sprite bandwidth of AGA

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And... How do you start the game? Tried it on my Amiga 1200 and on WinUAE and it just plays through the demo screen and no button or key seems to start the game...

OK - got the answer on EAB. hitting "5" adds a coin and the "1" or "2" starts a one or two player game. This really needs to be posted here on the game page.

Glad you are still updating these! Your Ms Pac Man and Scramble are some of my "Go To" Amiga games

Thanks for all your continued hard work on these games!

Another wonderful addition to my C64 library! Thanks for all your hard work, Sarah Jane Avory!

Keep me in the loop as to when this will be released - I would love to review it on my channel!

I just went to the upper right of, dropped down the menu, chose "My Library" and the 1.01 update was there waiting for me.

Oh! Time Pilot would be nice! That's a fun one! I will check out the thread on EAB - and the speedups really occur by the third level.

Magnificent game! The music and graphics are wonderful, and it scratches the RPG itch for sure! Great job!

Absolutely brilliant conversion! I do get some graphics corruption when I play it on my A600/Furia/GoTek from an ADF file. It plays mostly without corruption when booting from Workbench.

The ghosts and fruit seem super fast on my Furia, too. Is that normal?

If you need more details about it let me know - I am sure version 1.1 will be perfect!

Keep up the good work, and I vote Dig Dug next! Or maybe a perfect Galaga!

The new cartridge version will go on my "Kung Fu Flash" for sure! Thanks for the update!

This is looking just great, Graeme! Looking forward to it for sure!

What a fantastic game! I find the keyboard controls better for me than a joystick. It also appears to freeze on "saving high scores to disk" every once in a while (twice so far in 30 minutes)

My 16 year old son and I love the game! It is a blast. I have a review going up of it on my 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast channel 11/11/2020

You have to add some music and sound effects to the game... They were so iconic in Shadow of the Beast and the Atari 2600 is capable of pretty good audio. I hope you keep working on the game, but it desperately needs background music and sound effects.

Fantastic game, Sarah! As fun as Neutron and even more beautiful. I will be doing a review on it this weekend.

Add an Autofire, please! My fingers get sore from pressing that button so much!

I have to say I would love to see an NTSC version, too. My A1000 won't go into PAL mode like my A500 and A1200 can (because of Denise), so the demo just locks up.
I am going to be doing a video with Boat from Amigos Podcast about games that work on an A1000, and it would be so awesome if this one did!
Of course, I will enjoy it anyway on my other machines, but just wanted to put in another vote for NTSC.
I would guess that your poll on your Facebook page was mostly PAL because most of the people who like you page happened to be from Europe. I honestly had never heard of the game until I saw you on Bills stream last week. (Of course I am on your FB page now!)
Doug - 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast