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hey there, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback. It's odd that the spells didn't work for you. There should be a sound effect (same one as in the intro) whenever you succesfully cast a spell. Did you hear these? If so there is some weird bug (since almost all spell visibly displace the ship). If not something went wrong in the casting. In that case it is most likely a typing error (the spells are all case sensitive (in hindsight this should be in the tips)) , or some weird bug.

Good job! I really like the music, and I think in general you've got the basics covered. I think improving the AI would add a lot because now it seems like they just wander about randomly and don't care what you are doing.

Funny game. I like the vocal sound effects and I feel they match the aesthetic of the game quite well. The addition of the diagonal movement option is a very clever way to make navigating the maze a simple yet fun challenge, especially with the stress of being chased. I do feel like there is no way to "win" though, which in my opinion is a shame.  It doesn't have to be a way to escape the maze but I think if there was some feedback on my "performance" it would be more interesting.