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If you need someone willing to test for you for the time being, I run linux pretty much exclusively.

The pixel art in this game is absolutely fantastic. The story is pretty alright. The engine (for the demo) isn't very good and feels awkward and very slow at times. It also currently feels a little clunky.

I definitely recommend LOVE2D as a wonderful engine for you to use, Camila Gormaz. I also hope you look into diagonal movement and perhaps something to make the combat a bit more interesting.

Otherwise, I can't wait to play the full game!

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The art is mindblowing, as well as my favorite style of pixel art.

The story has depth and the characters are unique. I love playing this game while relaxing and listening to some chill techno.

The soundtrack makes me drool, all the music is unique and pleasing to the ears.

I really look forward to more titles from these developers. The art style, writing, and music fit together so perfectly. I know I couldn't resist buying another game with their names behind it; Can't wait for more games from Sukeban Studio!