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I would say so based upon the reply to the other community post :)

Just joined the discord as I am looking into participating in next weeks jam. I really like the concept you have going here; with the flames being essential to tranversing the level. Personally I could see this being incorperated into a larger project.

Well done! :D

You can edit game

Am I allowed to just not make it for Microsoft. I absolutely hate using any of their products.

I was done except art and a little sound. But as i made a VN i kinda need art. I had alot go on so couldn't do it :P

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. It is my first game, I'm proud I finished it.
Thank you though :D

Hey! I tried to get one to work, but something was stopping the compiler. I'm sorry!

Hey! Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry about the jumping issues, I had some things come up and it was also my first Jam. I was trying to fix it, but I couldn't find a way in the time I had. But thank you for your feedback :D