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What the hell even happened in this VN? There are so many typos, wrong character names in the name box, and wrong pronouns in this. I'm having a hard time following most of the specific details because the wrong names are being used and wrong names in characters' lines. I'm willing to forgive the fact that decisions don't matter, but you could have put more decisions or plot twists with the "Disgusting" decision. Perhaps make it have a different route it you click it three to five times. I liked the art, but the story and dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not saying you need to  make this AAA tier, but at least not something as ill written as this. I was thinking of so many things going through, but nothing that resulted with a good payoff with what was presented.

based etch-a-sketch

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I guessed Sailor Moon because of how LoveDove looked. It didn't take much time because they were extremely common anime (excluding the two I was surprised to see) people are watching currently or recently finished for the new stuff and the older ones were classics everyone remembers. Still had fun though! I honestly thought if you typed in an anime, it would google search an image or some and ask if that was correct, that's why I was doing hentai names as a joke.

I also did this when I was drunk.

When she first asked, I was typing in a bunch of hentai titles lol. [REDACTED] says she likes classics and some new stuff. I guessed MHA and it worked. I started listing extremely common and some slight obscure Shounen anime. I also guessed some Shojo anime as well because my first actual guess was correct: Sailor Moon. I cheated by Putting level2 in HxD (hex editor).

I found all 11 series LoveDove responds to (I cheated for two) and I have to say I'm disappointed... The two I cheated to find did surprise me though.


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I've found the number under the desk for the PC in the office, the vending machine and the one behind the Pac-Man cabinet, where is the last one?

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Is it a bug that if you have anything on counters, tables, or whatever and if you assemble a Happy's Deluxe, everything else disappears and you have to grab them again? There is also a "bug" where the drive-thru doesn't have anymore customers after the first one.

Does the game operate with time? The Drive-Thru stopped working after around five minutes of playing Endless Mode.

HOLY SHIT. Thanks man! I'll enjoy playing this while I listen to podcasts and stuff; that's all I wanted! Thank you and I hope this game gets more exposure so you can make more games and follow your passion!

I actually really enjoyed the uneasy atmosphere of the restaurant and the task of taking orders and giving the customers food. If this game had an endless mode for the restaurant bit or a choice to stay in the simulation/brainwash, that'd be pretty awesome.

Elfen Lied is fun.

I found this while looking at 38NOnSJ (The last song on the bandcamp album) in a spectogram. What could this mean? It looks like a forest. Maybe the morse code could help from "to see (noun)"'s song "dialtone".