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Hayley Davies

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Hi omalley!

Glad you like the mechanic and see it having potential.

For your comment on sound, we don't have any. We didn't have a sound designer nor the time to implement sounds. The team who worked on this game wanted to focus on improving their own skills whilst fitting the game jam around their own personal schedules.

A tutorial would have been great, and if this was a fully fledged game with further development, that would be something we would focus on in the latter stages of design. We did a lot of internal testing and prototyping of further mechanics and ways to improve the gameplay which made us lack time to include this in its current stage. Though, we would like to include a control layout on the page going forwards (:

Undoing placements isn't something that is currently possible as we wanted to focus on getting a basis for building complete before focusing on further mechanics.

Thanks for your feedback!

- Hayley

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Hey wolfheat!

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the overall concept for the game (:

- Hayley

Hey! If you check my profile, I do have non-VR games on there. However, this game was just a prototype VR project from my time at college.

Glad you like the look of the game (:

We do have a zip download available now which fixes the graphics and some of the bugs you may have experienced (:

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Gotta share this playthrough of our game by @SMotherduck

Great. Had a go. Bit confused at the bepsi bit. Where is it? There's a little blue can on the end of the desk bit but nothing seems to happen when I walk near it.

Hey, the download doesn't work btw :)

The jam has started but the theme is '#####'.

I'm assuming it just needs to be filled in?