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Definitely not. As interesting as that would be to see,  I don't think that's ever going to happen

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I hope a new update gets released eventually, it's been almost a year since the last one

I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why there hasn't been an update recently . I wish you guys luck with development though is it if it's still going on

I hope an Android version is released soon, because that's the only person I'd be able to play. Obviously the reason being because I only have an Android tablet currently

Is the Android version getting the change as well?! (I feel old for only being able to use Android, for now)

No one actually knows when the next public update will come out but it has been announced that they should be coming out soon. The reasoning is because it was somewhat recently announced that the game was going to be getting an Art overhaul. Again, nobody knows when they probably come out but it should be soon

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I don't know if you know this yet, but in a way work has technically resumed on repeat, but not with new story content . Apparently, all artwork in the entire game is being reworked , from the Sprites, to the CGs. Basically, the entire game is getting overhauled, art wise, story-wise, again no new content there just yet. Nobody really knows when it's supposed to be made public if at all, but I heard it's supposed to be quite soon. Fingers crossed

didn't think to check until now. That actually does help. Thank you

My only complaint about this game so far, is that there's no way to disable the sound effect that plays when the text appears on the screen. At least for me on Android . Since I didn't know how to disable it if possible, I just ended up muting the volume on my device entirely. Aside from that though, I really enjoyed this

agreed, it is better than nothing

For what it's worth, the story that you did give us in the time that you had was an amazing story even if it wasn't finished. It saddens me that it's not going to be continued anytime soon oh, but this is one of those instances where he got to do what you got to do for your own well-being. Wherever you are, and wherever you go in life, I give you the best of good wishes and good luck for your future endeavours.

It's not really a continuation of sorts. It's more of an explanation of events that took place during a Time skip that was mentioned in the original game . Apologies if I came across as Rude by saying that though. I did not mean to

I apologize if I come across as rude when I say this, but we're technically not supposed to ask because he gets annoyed by people constantly asking him. He says he'll update it when he is able to

Despite how short this was, I really enjoyed it. It was amazing, well done. Y'all did a good job

It saddens me that the game has been cancelled. I was really really loving the game so far. But it's good that you had to do what you had to do for your own well-being. Again while it is upsetting that it's cancelled, it's good to do so if you feel like it's better for you, so I hope life continues in other good ways for you

I am unlikely going to get an answer for asking the same question as several other people, but when is there going to be another update? It has been way too long . If a reason for such a question has already been provided elsewhere then I did not or do not know about it

As far as anyone who isn't a patron knows, we'll have to wait until he decides to make them public . No one knows when the next update will be public because no information has been given on when said date will come

Does anyone know when ANY of the art overhauls will be made public?!

I want to see that picture, but I don't have twitter, it's telling me I need an account to view it. It angers me (metaphorically)

When is the next update?! It's been quite awhile

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You do know that it's not actually finished yet right?! It's being released in parts. This was just the 1st part. No offence of course

What are you talking about? The live chat is on. Either the device that you are using isn't compatible with live chat, or you just don't have it pulled up on your screen

I hope there is an android version because that's the only kind I could play. Why?, because that's the only device that I currently can afford to have right now

Hope an android build gets added soon

I hope so. But I'm thinking they might not. Who knows?!

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They are making 2 more games. The sequel is called khemia, (Which is going on a small hiatus in order for the story to be developed properly), And The other 1, Which is supposed to be about the events that amicus briefly mentions of touring the moon, Is called Interea. I'm not part of the echo project team, But I hope this answers your question because this is the only information that I know about Since I'm not a patron. Apologies if your question was already answered

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It'll get updated when it's updated. Be Patient, for good things come to those who wait

What in the world are you talking about? Nothing like that even exists

Don't worry, It's working just fine

Just something funny that I noticed, when I got the notification for this update on another discord server, I'd like how it said that there was no android support despite the fact that there is An android version. There is no problems or anything, I just thought I'd funny when I noticed

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Thank you very much. And since I just downloaded the game for the 1st time I'm really enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work

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I wanted to join the discord server But I can't because the Invite link is saying it's expired

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It's always going to be Approximately a month later.

It's impossible. No such route even exists

Is it me, or is the next public update taking longer than it should

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I heard that the public update 13 comes in a week. I might be wrong, and i probably am. Either way, cant wait for it. So excited