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I actually found it on Youtube some years ago. And yes... It is the biggest batch game I've seen so far

So I noticed that glitching, especially between the stones, could become a problem. Even if I have not found any glitches that give advantage, I would recommend to add temporary squares that shows the unpassable area in the game during the tests. I know Game Jams give a very short time for fixing minor things like glitches and I do not even know if the mechanics allow those squares for debugging but I think they could help.
Just a tip if you want to create a similar game in the future or want to continue this project. :)

Good pixel art and gameplay. Could imagine this to become bigger and longer.  In my opinion there is potention. P.S. I figured out that you can fall of if you move to the left at the beginning.

Nice animations. Nice idea. Nice little torch effect even on daylight. But the level design could have a minor update.

10 out of 10 !