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Nah, it was only a knock out and the rules are very genorous: every character is equipped with two health potions, which can also be used on other character. So if the fight would have lasted longer his sister could have revoked him. 

But as a modern girl she was reaching for the boss killing fame for herself. And killed him indeed. 

"Hero Kids" by Justin Halliday, translated to German. 

Played yesterday the introduction adventure with my two kids (8 and 12). And they have successfully cleared the cellar of the tavern of those naughty giant rats. 

Unfortunately one of the kids died during the boss fight. Erm... I mean he was knocked out. 馃槣

I will make a soft start: I have found a rpg for Kids that is translated in my mother language. If that works and the kids are flashed I will come back to sodalitas.

Thank you for your detailed guidance! 馃憤

I have never seen roleplaying so simple like you have described it. But it is indeed. Or that is where the magic happens and you as a player are getting sucked into the story. 

And you are right: I have purchased the ucraine bundle. So I have also the adventures on a single page ressources. 

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Hi you two, 

first of all: thank you for the quick reply. 

last time I played a roleplaying game only with pen and paper was shadowrun. And that is over 20 years ago. And that was not tabletop. (That means that you make actual movements with tiny figures of the heroes and the enemies, doesn't it?) 

Besides that I have played a lot of RPGs on the PC. But I guess that doesn't count. 

I have absolutely no idea how to play this with my children. Where to start? What to do? I am totally lost... 

Would be great if there were any examples on how to play.