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ahh thats a shame but understandable, hope things are good. who knows maybe you'll eventually get time to update it when you want to. had fun playing anyways

does anyone know how to unlock Airi's 4th scene in the book of memory, its the only one i have left 

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yeah same haha. i played the demo version of paccsu quite a while ago and i really enjoyed it so im glad i got the chance to support you and play both games fully now

i figured it out, i used paypal instead of stripe so it went through, no idea why stripe didnt work though

really liked what was in it so far, i look forward seeing how the progresses

i did email support but they are yet to respond back. apparently other people who have had the problem haven't even had a reply back so i have no idea 

i want to buy this game but for some reason cant validate my postal code and i don't know if its a problem with the site or because its a UK postcode, i've also seen other people had trouble with this in the past as well

ahh thanks for letting me know :)

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I'm really loving the game and i can't wait for the next update, the only problem i have is that i don't always know  how to get the different personalities for some of the characters such as for Annie and Kana if those personalities have even been implemented yet.

by the way, happy birthday TheArcadean

Hey, thanks for the help. it worked

hey i was wondering if there was anyway to delete saves? i tried going into the folder to delete the save but it was still there in the game

I've come across a glitch that if you don't use the boar trophy for an exchange with Claire the first time round you cant do it in the future, she will just keep saying sorry you don't have that trophy. loved the demo by the way i can't wait to see more updates eventually!

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i'm looking forward to seeing where you take this game, thanks for the update!

i've been wondering but will Paccsu and A.I.D.A be put on steam? if not that's fine

Hey, i'm just wondering but how come this game was cancelled?

for anyone who doesn't know, through a little digging i found that there is a downloadable file for both chapter 1 and 2 on there quite a few files so just make sure you download the right one