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Thank you for playing it and those kind words :)

We have thought about making an extended sequel since we've received a lot of interesting feedback, and a lot of it is just by watching  playthroughs.. So thanks for sharing the video! :D

That's a total pizza apocalypse right there :D

Hahaha, sounds like The Blob.. I'll save that idea for a sequel, maybe that time, the chef fails with the sacrificial and creates something out of control. I like it.. Just creating the amoeba animations alone would be so much fun.

How nice :D Thank you for playing. I'm happy to see that you found such a deep meaning in it, in the end :D

Thank you for playing it! This story left me in suspense.. :D

Haha, The Battle of Lords! I enjoyed it! Thank you for playing it!

We're working on a new scary game, I can send you a link when we have a playable build. :D

Hahah "RRRRRR"..

Thank you! You took sacrificial item throwing to a new level :D

Hahah when you looked out the window "btw, where do I have my restaurant?" .. a valid question :D

Thanks for playing it!

Thank you for playing!

TIL how to say black magic in German :D

I too, was entertained! ;D

It's an interesting idea to be able to sacrifice oneself in the oven so thanks for the inspiration. :D

Glad you liked it regardless! :) Thanks for playing!

Yeah I know, it was made for a game jam so there wasn't much time ;D

That was great! :D Thank you for playing! I liked how your initial goal was to slay the Pizza Lord.. Gutsy ;D Also, we might have to add a pineapple pizza now.. 


Awesome playthrough and hilarious video thumbnail btw ;D

You have a great gut feeling for picking out sacrificial items to the Pizza Lord, I must say!

Thank you for playing!

Hahah, great playthrough , it cracked me up :D

Thank you for playing it!

Yes, we're making a multiplayer horror game next :D