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also could u add a feature if the sound goes over a set thresh hold it switches to mad face?

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is it possible to add some tracking i would love to have eye movement or add eye layers so they can move? o yeah can u also add a function to resize png? please and thank you

It was a nice short atmosphere horror

U people are a joke stop asking for the game for free stop being cheap if u don't have money then get a job and stop spending ur money on stupid sh!t like Jordan's or a new iPhone and if u get it for free u complain it's not quality u can't have both stupid plus how would you feel if u worked for a year and then someone comes in and take ur checks u would be mad because u did the work not them work is not free people 

nice little ominous game with ps1 style graphics i had a fun time

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Hi everyone so I ended up playing this the other day I can truly say it was a cool unique little short horror game i enjoyed it 100% I had a few JUMP SCARES lol 😆 

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this game was fun and weird it had a crazy twist the first one was not 2 bad  i posted both links if u would like 2 enjoy them the first link is Ep2

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I uploaded the gameplay of me 2 days ago for the spirit of cyberpunk2077 and as a small joke i hope you enjoy i had some lol

Hi there I just wanted to let you know I gave this game a try its not what I expected but I did like the unique dark art style keep up the good work I hope you make more games with this art style heres the video of my adventures lol I hope you enjoy ✌🏽😁😎

Hi everyone I know im late to the game lol but I gave it a try its a really funny cool mini game I enjoyed it its kinda like diner dash

no problem i really enjoyed the game keep up the good work

I really enjoyed this game a lot the atmosphere and the art style was amazing very cool play style and twist I wish there was a FULL GAME BUT I LOVE IT

This was a fun little atmospheric puzzle game with hidden secrets i made a video of me playing it 3 months back but i forgot to post it i hope you enjoy 

This was a fun little game i love the title and the description lol this game was more than just food i made a video i hope you enjoy

This was a really cool little game the atmosphere was nice I felt like I was in the Evil Dead movie the game got me good a few times here is a video of me playing i hope you enjoy ✌🏽🤙🏽😁 

hi everyone so i ended up playing dead Inside it was a cool little short horror game i wish there was a little more info on what's going on end the end i think I know what's going on tho lol I hope you enjoy the jump scares i had lol

really cool concept i wish this game had some light shed on to it. i feel like this is a diamond that needs to be seen and played. i love how you can play as the killers or humans it really makes you feel like you are in a 80s horror film i really hope i can see it make it to steam some day

this game was really unique and fun i like how it puts You in a saw like experience i just wish there was more levels i made a video if anyone would like to enjoy