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Well I think that $5 would be a great price for a portable version and hopefully make the development time worth it. Few other developers I really like do that. Desktop versions free, mobile costs. Either way hopefully you decide to, would enjoy doing this to and from work on public transportation.

Edit: Also, if you could port it as is, with the ability to zoom in and out that would be awesome. Though I would use this on my phone, on my tablet as is would be fine. Check out SunVox if you get a chance. Has one of the best interfaces for this sort of thing on mobile.

What about an android port?

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Would you consider making a version of this for Android?

Awesome, done. Let me know if you do any Alpha/Beta test for Construct 2 (main engine I'm working in ATM), I'd be happy to test.

Android port XD?

English translation please.

Any chance you could make it compatible for Construct 2 or Clickteam Fusion?


More screenshot and an animated gif please for reference.

Hey know this is free/nyop, but I gave up my last $0.50 to show you some support ;).

How many max players is the multiplayer now and planned for?

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Android version ( ͡? ͜? ͡?) ? No, but really though?