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Strange how all this music is high-fidelity.

You're already being better than the status quo, so I thank you.


Android version coming soon ?

Can you add a music visualizer mode to it?

Stellar, thank you for your consideration. I'll be picking this up when things look up.

Any planned updates, or a way to donate to your cause for this?

Would consider adding themes for the pieces themselves? Such as different materials?

Video please

I don't understand what you mean by that, could you elaborate? I have game development apps on my android. 

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Any chance for a mobile version?

🖖 Goal smashed

Low-fidelity vs. high-fidelity, can mean different things depending on area of interest. 90% or more of the people using lo-fi, or asmr for music on YouTube have not idea what it is, and use it to get a click.  Lo-fi design is a way to translate high-level design concepts into simple designs, without loosing their intent. Lo-fi in music is leaving in imperfections, or making them intentionally. That however isn't the same thing as just adding a filter for nostalgia sake. lol, anyway rant over.

Need this on my phone. Also, nice to see someone use lofi properly.

what if we give you monies?

Yes, a version where the desktop is visible. 

Can you please consider making an update, with bringing up the selection menu with no background,  anywhere?

Wow this is nifty. Have you thought about making a generator that makes random monwaifu, based on your current? Lastly I want to say thank you, wish Happy Holidays and many splacking of the hams.


Stellar, also what I meant by other editing or word processing software, is clipboard compatibility.

Hey joined your Discord. I'm interested in teaming with you.

Even if it's just the interface, I suggest posting some kinda screenshot.

nuff said


~* More compatibility with Google Docs, MS and Open Office.

~* Export as HTML and XHTML

~* Remote access editing

~* Custom format with encryption

~* CSS UI Themes

~* Opacity control

IFWriter community · Created a new topic Examples?

Any demo game or examples to see?

Well if it's going to be this minimal, how about trying to get the file size under 5kb?

PolyStudio community · Created a new topic Price.

I know you are working hard on the project. But marketing wise, you gotta know your audience.  How many of us have $30? How many of us have $10 or $5 though? Just saying.

Alternate color modes or themes? It's so bright.

Can we get a demonstration please?

RogueLove community · Created a new topic Discord?
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Have one? I'd like to team with you. 00face#7777

Checkout yEd for your journey.

Yes, correct. Though, when navigating via Browse, the page does not display correctly for me. I'm on a Android Samsung S8+

Mitch community · Created a new topic Library

Hello it's not displaying my library in app

Hello, emailed you supporting you via some gift purchases.

Here is some love to finish

Hello, I'm unable to use your paypal portal to make purchase. I look forward to supporting you.

Your payment portals are broken good sir.

Having trouble paying through your PayPal portal and your Google link is broken. Looking forward to trying this out.

Purchased on Google Store :)