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Oh this was neat. Absolutely adore the aesthetic.

Of course, now I want to know: HOW WAS IT ACHIEVED?!

Nevertheless, very impressive and I liked this a lot.

Oh this was wonderful.  And THAT ending! Thanks for making this.

Do you think you'll ever add/include steam achievements?

Narrative in this one is amazing!

Hmm. Absolutely <3 this to Bits(y). Can't believe I've been neglecting the  Discord!
Great job everyone. Thank you for making this.

Does a certain task = having a certain item in the character's inventory?

Thanks for taking the time to try it out and play it!

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Simple & elegant. Also, clever puzzle(s). You have a "catch" (Mark Brown taught me this) and then you subvert / play with the player's expectations. Marvelous. 5 / 5!

Thanks for the video & write-up. I appreciate it!

Thanks for playing!

Ha! I see now. Well done.

AMAZING (as usual).

Aye. The cephalopodunk tutorials are the best.

Can you take a screenshot of how you have it setup, please?

Yes. Make sure you are clicking on the "place new exit" button in the "exits" menu rather than "add exits" in the main controller area. 

Thank you!

This is really cute!


Very nice. Now that you've got the basics down, I expect more from you!!! Bravo, though, really...

Music works well with this. The movement / navigation was interesting (in a way that threw me off but then I got used to it). It's nice & minimalist and I enjoyed the story it was telling. Thanks.

(You should totally make more of these).

Appreciate the comments. Many thanks.

Very neat. It's awesome finding tools like this that work specifically for Bitsy. Thank you for making this and for sharing.

Thank you for your comments / thoughts. I spent a while trying to figure out how to create a sense of unease and dread as the game progressed (without making it too evident or obvious). I think the music helps. But yes, you are absolutely right, the corruption is really what seals the deal here, I think. Also, what's unique is how every instance of a new game alters so many different elements (because of the corruption hack); so really, no two playthroughs are ever truly alike. 

Again, thank you.

Ha! Thanks for playing.

This is pretty darn good.  Nice graphics and the level design is on point. I totally felt immersed in your world you created. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks so much!

There is a tool for that:

Neat idea. Actually fun to play. :)

Very nice aesthetics.

I don't think that's possible (yet).

The only workaround I can think of, is to just have one long track that changes at some point (and here, you hope the player has gotten to this new room by then).

It's buggy like that sometimes.

But how do you make it so that the text displays before you are sent to the new room? I've been trying to do this and every single time, the "room exit" occurs before the text.

  1. Can you post a screenshot showing the problem? 
  2. Are you using the web or desktop version?

There's still 2 more endings to find!

(btw, I appreciate that you kept playing, to find all the endings...)

There's actually a way to tell when you are going to die (for the most part). If you look at the grass (the tiles with the three lines), some of it is facing in the opposite direction  (these are instances where you will / can die). 

If it is facing to the right, you are fine walking over it.

 If it is facing to the left, you will surely die.

I appreciate you taking the time to play the game and leave a comment. Thanks so much! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I am glad to hear the monotone worked. Ditto on the visuals. :)

First Bitsy game.

The way the light leaks out onto the street (from the windows). Wow.

It's just one person: myself. I used Bitsy to make the game.

Thank you! Took a long while to decide on the visuals. Glad you enjoyed the game. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

@Owlor. Surreal, yes! The individual (main character) in question is Zargon Morfoauf, a superhero capable of sweating money. I wanted to try something different that I knew no one else would do for this jam. I mean, when you say "Anything but human," most people jump to plants or animals. In the television series The Flash, superheroes are called meta-humans. I hope this game is able to add to the breadth of this competition and I can only hope people find it interesting (and fun) to play.