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Day 4 + Day 5

Hello again! I wish I had more to post today but I've been pretty busy with other things these past two days. I'll be moving back to college in a few days and I've been trying to get everything I need to do out of the way before then, so I haven't been able to do much with the programming yet! Soon I will be back to my original schedule, hopefully! I've made some minor progress, though, despite this.

Firstly, I've figured out how to move between rooms! It took a bit of trial and error, and after nothing seemed to work I finally figured it out. Even though it may seem like a small achievement, when any little thing works I get so excited! There's no feeling quite like something working after hours of trying.

Bet you can't tell who did the art for the door! (wasn't me :^) )

Secondly I've begun to implement NPC interactions, dialogue, and some primitive events. Again, none of these are finished yet, and I don't know if I'd even say that they work properly, but I've begun the process! The dialogue...sort of works, but it's kind of, uhhh...

(Hello!) (Hello!) N-no, (Hello!) it doesn't ;_; (Hello!)

This is actually the reason why I waited a few days to do a big post rather than to do daily ones: the nature of the game means that over 2 or 3 days I'll begin like, 4 different processes, and none of them will be finished or work. Then, on the 4th day, all of them will suddenly work all at the same time, so progress seems to come in bursts rather than even intervals. In any case, the daily format is a lot better for posts here, so I'll try my best to make daily posts (though obviously I'm already failing at that c: ) Just don't expect every day's progress report to be as interesting as the last! There will definitely be days like this where I more or less say "yeah uh I started some stuff but none of it works ;_:" and then other days where I say "oh by the way every single thing suddenly works."

Luckily, Alex is always making more art for the game, so if my posts are boring for the day you'll always have her cute art to look at :)

Anywho, I hope you'll all stay tuned for the next chapter of this crazy saga, and hopefully the next time you read my post there will be something more interesting to read!

Thanks again for checking out our game!