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The next few updates won't be too exciting as its mostly debugging!!!!! But here's today's update!

I've fixed a bug involving corner collisions! Without timetravel, this only becomes an issue if you hit the corner HEAD ON, cause then you get stuck one pixel below it. Once the time travel coding was implemented, however, smeething happened to cause every encounter with the platform to be registered as a corner. As a result, jumping on it you immediately got stuck and couldn't move horizontally. Some rearrangement of the base moment code fixed that, though, so now that aspect is fine! B )

Current goal is to fix one bug a day, and hopefully have this mechanic polished out by the end of jam!

Two main bugs to fix at this level:

  • You keep on traveling back even when down key isn't pressed to induce time travel.
  • Travel beyond starting point.
  • It goes to a direct path to the starting point, as opposed to the path you went through.
The best way to fix this would probably be to see what is considered the ending starting point. Set if statement to make it stop when it reaches coordinates of starting point, and that should help with beginning to isolate the problem!