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I love the game! The character designs are gooorgeouuss. The choice to be ace + aro? Choosing your own pronouns?? <333

Can't help but to relate with the MC :( I DO want the best for you but i also wanna finish the game 100% bb i'm sorry :(

I'm not very keen on the conversation pace though. It was too much clicking for too short of a sentence for me. But that's my personal opinion. It kinda help with the pace + mood of MC since they talk to themselves a lot but sometimes it was too many for me.

I had a problem with saving the first time i played it. I pressed save but then there's a tab that pops up and said that i couldn't save and showed me a string of code that saved itself as a note in the folder. It titled itself "traceback.txt". Then all the options at the bottom just dissapeared. I just played again and this time i could save though so *wipes sweat from forehead*

I don't know if it was a fever dream but i vividly remember that Zen's route is a secret route but idk if that's true cuz my fever was pretty high pls confirm

And suuj if you're out there :



wait there's a zen route WHATTTTTTTT (how do you reach it yes I think it is hidden pls tell me)