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Hey there, I could help you out I had this problem myself too (Also in BR4 the hidden packages don’t do anything they’re there for fun XD)  Alright so you need to transfer the data file in BR3 to the data folder in BR4. 

To do this go on your computer 

Windows (C:) > Users > Admin or “Your Account Name” > AppData (This is hidden in most cases so you can type it in on the top long site bar you should so far see this) 

C:\Users\”User Account Name”\

Then type in AppData

C:\Users\”User Account Name”\AppData

Three folders should appear then go to LocalLow > Adobe > Director11 and you should see the data folders for BR3 and BR4 but first go to BurninRubber3 > Pref  and there should be a text file “XBR3Data” whatever you do, don’t modify it or your data may become corrupted. So simply

 Copy that file

Go back to the Director11 folder 

Click on BurninRubber4 > Pref

And Paste the file (XBR3Data) there

Run BR4 and ???

Profit XD

Deleted 51 days ago

You’re welcome! 

Also I’d probably suggest backing up/copying your AppData folder on an external drive once in a while just in case your computer data gets destroyed. That way if you wish to restore the save files, just overwrite it.