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the text that is in another language says 

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"Ever felt alone? Feel the fear"

"Used to face scary things Creepy?"

"Ever tried to accept those fears?"

"Ever wanted to try to discover something Something, right?"

The Unknown  is a horror game by Thai people. It's a game that will give you the experience of horror, wonder, and haunting. All you can do is accept it. Then passed Act like it doesn't happen. Forget it. Try, even if you can't. This game will put something into your mind. Bury something deep in the feeling This game will make you scream and scream out loud throughout the experience that you have played in this game.

You have only thing to do is Walk through fear, accept, explore this place

" What happened? What's that sound? Is there anyone around here?  "

This game will leave you alone. Questioning all the time. 40 minutes of experience.

It's short but it's intense. Every step that you take away There must be something


Face the fear accept with fate - the developer

Good luck

No one can help you

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