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This short game is really nice. The first screen is a customization screen. Here you can pick your pronouns that change how you are addressed, and the other options change how each character perceives you. The options you choose also impact what your character looks like.

Kirby is the shy young guy who is adorable and huggable. Micah is the studious man. Ash is the token bad boy with a heart of gold. All of the characters have their own unique charm and treat you differently based on your choices at the beginning of the game, as well as later on. Considering each play through is only ten or so minutes, there are a surprising amount of options for how the story progresses.

One funny thing I noticed was that the page describes Kirby as "A chronically white kid." I am…not sure what that means? But hey, it gave me a chuckle.

This game was known for having a plot-twist (hinted at in the game’s name according to the developer, except it is so vaguely hinted, I cannot imagine anyone actually guessed). I went in knowing the plot twist, but I was still able to fully enjoy the game.

The game is so short, just pick whoever you feel like. I cant really recommend an order to play the routes in.

Absolutely go play this game. The game is adorable, the plot-twist is surprising, each play takes a maximum of ten minutes, and it is just fun.

I agree it was a great game :3