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I adore this little comic <3 

I feel like it's rare to see you use such heavy blacks, they look great here. They suit the mood perfectly and really let the glowy magical feelings of this comic stand you! Same with the overlapping asynchronous paneling. Just in general every aspect comes together really well to create that magical, if a little melancholy mood :)

The bonus sketchbook is really cute too! I love taking a peek into other folk's creation processes and you presented yours in such a charming way.

aaah thank you so much!!

I was trying to be a bit bolder & more experimental with the art direction I took for this one, so I’m glad it paid off! I’m super happy that the mood I was going for has been shining through to people ^^

But yeah, it was definitely a challenge trying to balance the blacks at times, I had to force myself to be very decisive about values! I learnt a lot making it though, and had a lot of fun :)

I’m glad you enjoyed the lil bonus sketchbook too! I don’t usually end up doing much concept-art type work when I’m designing for smaller/personal projects like this, but this one had a fair few doodles, so I thought it’d be nice to put something together!