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School bean over the past few days and it kept me busy, ahahaha. Fortunately I did get a very big bit of progress done, which is that my character can now travel BACK IN TIME WOAH!!!! Basically pressing down now cycles you through your past positions!!!!! There's a lot of bugs in it, but look!

There's def a lot of errors that I need to parse out, here's quick list.

  • When protag gets to origin point, code doesn't know what to do and just spins off. I need to put an if statement in to make it stop once the code reaches zero. Or a while loop?
  • Path isn't a direct repeat of the path character went.
  • Falls straight down, this is a problem w/ gravity i think.
  • Player gets stuck to ground after time traveling, can't jump. I'm assuming this is problem with jumping collision.

Tis is exciting though, and the fact that I got it to this stage surprises me a ton!!!! I'm gonna tinker around with it a bit more tonight.