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Processor: Intel i7 core

PC: alienware aurora

You say that I need another PC and I use ubuntu which is one of the best linux versions so I don't expect that I need another linux driver. I think it's just the game. With some changes in the code it will be playable on Linux like on windows.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ubuntu isn't really the best. I use to to use it alot before I tried other distros that suited me more, some of the ones I've used have better performance and lesser memory usage than what Ubuntu has.

If your computer has a dedicated video card inside then the drivers for that should be working alright, or if you only have Intel HD Graphics and it's running off that instead. If you have both then you might want to check about running both at the same time. The game could use some optimizations in it's performance I'll give it that, framerate may drop every now and then but it seems pretty stable in its current development.

So what Linux version do you recommend for gaming because I am a gamer and also a dev and I have tried to run the processors at the same time but it still didn't work. So what else do you recommend?

At the moment I'm using Linux Mint, and it's been pretty fairly decent for gaming on since it's not using Unity as its core feature, but comes readily available in Cinnamon, KDE and Mate. You could go for super light and fast alternative like Arch Linux where you get to build and choose what stuff you want installed on your system, install your own preferred desktop manager. I might recommend Wayland instead of X11 for the display server, but it's still in early build development, and you may have issues using official graphic drivers like Nvidia's, since it's built around open-source drivers, but I do believe there is workaround support for it. Running a minimal setup would be the way to go.