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I don't know if this is just my laptop but the file isn't opening on my mac? I managed to unzip it but when i click on the actual game it won't open. Is there anything I should be doing or? I'm sorry to bother you but I've played this game before and absolutely love it, so I'd love to play it again haha.

Hi there!! Unfortunately I'm not familiar with mac computers, but it should be the "" file to open up the game. You could also try the file in: "forgetmenot-2.0-all\\Contents\MacOS" and see if that one will open instead. Other than that...I'm unsure as to what the problem is. T_T You could try re-downloading the package as well and then retrying to see if it makes a difference too. Sorry if that's a little unhelpful! As a last resort and it's still not working, you can try playing the online version!

Hopefully it works out!

I tried the second option about finding the file and it worked! I'm so happy I absolutely adore the game and I can't wait to play it. Thank you so much!!