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For reference, lag would be a delay between your commands and the actions. It sounds like you're describing a general slowdown. (also "spikes" are the opposite of "all the time")

Have you expanded your base much? Does it sprawl across many chunks of the map, or include a large number of something?

If you have been rovering around a large area, I've found that quitting and restarting can help a bit (I presume that flushes all the world chunks I'm not going to visit again.)

System stats would probably be useful to Cairn4.

I only get to day 7 because I don't have the time to walk around at half speed. It might be the dust that causes the game to slow down? That's the only idea I had, either the dust or something silly is happening in the background of the game. I'm running the game on windows 10 with a laptop (only the embedded graphics chip) so perhaps my system isn't powerful enough?