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I'm confused by the weapon specifications.  Take the Ripple, for instance:

It has "4 shots", and shoots "4 shots/sec".  I assume that means it fires a volley of 4 shots once every second?  With Silicon, it does "33 area damage over 3.1 tiles".  I assume that means it does 33 damage to every unit within a 3.1 tile radius of contact?  Or is the damage divided among the targets?  I'm assuming not, because I've seen Ripples tear through swarms of units with only a few volleys.

It has a "2x ammo multiplier".  I assume that means that it only consumes one ammo for every 2 shots?  It has "0.8 knockback".  I guess that means it knocks back the target by 0.8 blocks?  If it fires once per second, it should be able to cause -0.8 blocks/sec of velocity to its target?  Does that count for each round or only the volley?  If all 4 shots hit a single target, can it knock back "3.2", whatever that means?

Silicon ammo has "homing", which is obvious enough if you watch the animations.

Now, if we look at Lancer, we see it does 140 damage per shot, but only shoots 2 times every 3 seconds.  I've seen it cut through a line of mechs, so I assume that it does 140 damage *per target* it touches?  Since it always shoots in a straight line, it's pretty obvious what it hits.

But a more difficult one to understand is the Arc.  It does 25 damage and fires 2.5x per second, but I think it also hits multiple targets.  Does it hit *every* target within range, or just targets that a "close together"?  Unlike artillery, the damage is not specified as a radius, so this is unclear.

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Through my own experience i can tell you this,homing mean its will follow your enemy,ammo multiplier is like consume 1 but shoot the number of multiply for the type of ammo(for example of the Ripple,if you load it with blast mixture(or blast compound,i don't really remember that one well) it will shoot 4 projectiles while if you load it with silicon,it will fire 2 projectile at a time).About the blast radius,the radius around the impact spot is making an area equal to the area of about the numbers block in description.Other than that,knockback mean when enemy get hit,they have a percentage of getting push back when get hit,frag mean bullet will do a spread damage to enemy behind the enemy got hit(that what i think),incidary is enemy will take damage over time but it can re do the efect on your building so i don't recommend using pyronite as ammo and lastly,shock equal to enemy will got shock and stand still without doing anything at it spot