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this game seems a lot like murder miners, nice.

if we could use the hammer as a backup weapon would be neat

crouching /crawling could be a neat mechanic allowing for better movement from the dead/player

I found a Couple errors, there is three instances of shared textures

, there is two yellow planks 

, Red brick texture is shown on purple planks texture by mistake,

,the orange mud texture is used on the orange planks block

blocks are in a weird non grouped order

wallpaper block textures line up weirdly

, I have some suggestions for textures,

bookshelves should probably have some variety, seeing the same skull on every bookcase is kind of bland

we should be able to rotate textures so we can line them up properly, maybe a face texturing tool for having two sided walls, a prop rotator would be cool too,

I know that it is a lot of work, but I know you have a gold mine of a product here,

I hope this turns out better than murder miners did, sad what happened to that one, 

multiplayer would be cool, perhaps pvp or a ctf mode,

a asset workshop would be cool, where people can upload mechanics, blocks, textures, and weapons for people to use in there maps, that would boost the longevity of the game, 

i think a climbing tool would be neat, either as a weapon, or as a block property,

yeah block properties tool could be interesting, like changing breakability, or wake on collision, 

 I have high hopes for this game, no pressure on the creator, this game is great, I recommend people play this