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Oh, I realy love the game, but I will praise it after playing 10th chapter. For now I only try August route and i totally love images, dialogues, characters, plot. I want to tell authors how much I love the all inclusive features there. August looks really masculine, but you wrote their route in way that I never doubt they are enby. I like this point-not every enbie must looks androgynic, you can look like man and be not man, because look is not what make our gender. Im nb myself and I have chosen "they" as my prn in game, and it really works well! In many games even if there is possibility to chose  prn 'they' I still have feelings that my characters is somehow man or woman, the other charactracters' actions toward mine, dialogues, it all gives my that vibes. But not your game! It is first game i can so deeply immerse and thank you for that! Thank you and see you on kickstarter i am very greedy person who loves money but i love your work more :)