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Wow, it was so obvious that you gave a few painfully generic compliments about the art and music just so you could dive into your ocean of criticisms without looking like a COMPLETE douche. *smh. And btw, there were a few times where your "constructive" naggings would have been much better articulated if you didnt try so ridiculously hard to use as many syllables as you could in each word lol. this is obviously my opinion and not the authors, it just bugs me when i see someone review and it contain a few positive words and then a massive wall of text saying what the author "should have done" to make it better. i mean c'mon girl, EVERYTHING written out there could feasibly be better, right? when you think about it that way, its just silly to say all those things. i mean, NO SHIT this or that or this would have been better if they did or didnt do this or that. >8/ thats just the way shit friggin works lol.     edit: i just realized that now i'm the douche after writing all that. ha! w/e lmao

Deleted 2 years ago