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The new version (0.30) works much better, although I seem to have found some edge cases in the oxygen supply. I'll try to get a save that demonstrates it.


Upon load, you'll have exactly 200 oxygen (50%), and the unpowered base has zero. You can stand there all day without your suit levels dropping.

If an air leak starts or stops, or you put down a solar panel and then remove it, the suit will tend to start consuming O2 again normally.

Placing and removing the solar panel a few times can get the O2 to lock up again seemingly randomly.

One other thing I noted this go around, is that suit power will refuse to recharge off of batteries.

If you place a solar panel and a battery, it will charge up during the day.

If you then stand on the solar panel at night, your suit won't charge and the power consumption popup shows 0.0 use with 600/600 storage.

Only once dawn arrives does the suit recharge.