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I really like this game however, how do you 100% the dairy, i cant seem to do it, each time certain ones get unlocked, i notice that some are missing, including some esentail ones related to the story.

Thank you.^w^ and... do you mean some cg in dairy disappear, when you get new cg? that look like a bug I will try to fix it.  Are there any specific stage/cg that cause other missing when clear/unlock, or it just happen randomly?

It seems to be random, however i am missing the very first CG after completing the game, i also went into the bonus chapter and found that i have 999 stones.... i think thats also a bug?

I am also missing other CG not relating to Bosses, i also tried reloading the save by exting the game but it never worked, also tried looking up an eiler save however that save just deleted every CG even if it says i've completed it (as all the Sprites are unlocked) i tried a few times but never found a way to reverse this, so now i have no CGs unlocked but the game is 'completed'. I have not done the bonus chapter yet, that is hard XP

So while i cant 100% the game, i would like to say that The game was good, the story needs more scenes as some are just blacked out while the characters talk for 10 min and there are a few spelling/grammer issues that need fixed, but never the less, good job XD