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I am a Unity dev looking for a team!

Hi! I'm Jonathan, I've been learning Game design and Unity development for a little over 6 months.
I've already Made two complete games, the first of which was at the last instance of this jam! (Can be found here)
I've also designed and made a casual android game (which isn't online atm, I can provide an apk upon request)

I'm making another android game for this jam with an artist, but I'd love to get more experience working with other people, in particular other programmers and 3D artists. However, I'm planning on joining the Global Game Jam, and between that and the other game I'm working on I probably won't be too available towards the end of the jam.That being said, I'd love to team up and make a game!

P.S. My timezone is UTC+2

Skills / Programs:

* Unity2D/3D (more experienced in 2D development but I want to try more 3D stuff)

* C# programming (and a wee bit of Python)

* Game Design

* Good farmiliarity with high school level physics and math (Vectors, forces, graphs etc.)

Discord: @SuperSpasm#8098