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i FUCKING LOVE THIS, the amont of detail put into esch character, really paid off, every chapter is so memorable   (especially chapter 7 and 8 ; )  EACH CHARACTER IS SO adorable i cant pick one, the artsyle is  SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!  there were alot of face sprites ( although fiero and harry dont seem to have that many, but thats just me nitpicking) that adds to the immersion of the player, speaking of immersion can i just say how good the writing is and overall storyline.


btw are all the cgs out, sorry if this is a stupid question but i cant seem to get some cgs on every route i normaly get 6 or 7, is that normal or do i need to play more? speaking of cgs i REALLY LOVE THEM, this game is not only for free as you are more cgs, better storylone and a wide arrange of choices from gender to story and ,my favorite, the one where you can lead or be lead ;), than some paid games out there. so thank you all of the devs for making this i cant help with money so i hope this can help, also i am hyped for chapter 10.

i would love to know were there inspirations as for the character designs? theres a comment saying there august is inspired by a model, was this the case for many? im jus a little curious.

sidenote: i am already hyped for their new game, especially lucien ;)

I think they release new CGS with every new chapter :) so it's totally normal that you have some blocked at the end of it!! I have 4 missing in my Finn save for example!


ohh i see thank you so much  for clarifying!!!!!!, i too have 4 cgs left on his route, i cant wait for the rest!