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Hey there,

I'm an agent sent by the Uniting Church of Beggars.

I've come here to notified that your game "Utopia," which our Association is having eye on, has run out of "Community Copy."

I ask of you to please grace us with your generosity! Our Mendicant Society would be greatly indebted to you.


I post more community copies near the end of each month, based on the number of copies sold. I posted this months drop a little early so you can grab one. If you miss it, more should be available at the end of next month. 

I thank your benevolence.

The executives at the HQ will be delighted with this good news. After all, they have desired the HD picture of that hot, seducing, tempting veiled robot lady in the game's overview for years. 

As a pact of friendship, our "Alliance of Wanderers and Vagrants " and its entire personnel will be at your disposal anytime. We owe you a big one this time.

Anyway, I've only briefed through the book, but I really like what I'm seeing so far, so I might just spend money to get the game for real. And holy molly, 240 pages are a LOT. My today night is going to be a long one :)