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Stand name: In the Flesh, (named after the song, In the Flesh)
Stand user: Joenari Hishikgatiki

Power: B

Speed: C

Range: B

Durability: A

Precision: D

Potential: E


Appearance: In The Flesh (ITF) looks like a 21st century doctor with no head and floating mouth cover. ITF floats above its user by a couple feet and acts as a shield for its user. 


Ability: To add limbs to any living organism that ITF touched. Meaning if someone loses an arm, ITF can replace it. 

Barrage: Basic barrage

Heavy punch: strong punch

100 hand barrage: ITF uses 100 arms to slap you at a fast and deadly pace. 

Choker: You create two to three arms on an enemy and choke them.