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Hi FoorbarIT,

Sorry for the delay.  I just tried these commands, and you might want to edit your post for future reference as there are typos in the first line : there are no "-" needed between apt update and apt upgrade.

The previous error messages about packaging are gone.  Now, I receive the following input just FYI :

~/Téléchargements/Hardware Tycoon (Linux 64-bit)$ ./nw
LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:
/home/adam/Téléchargements/Hardware Tycoon (Linux 64-bit)/nacl_helper
[29642:29642:0826/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes)
[29640:29648:0826/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/adam/Téléchargements/Hardware Tycoon (Linux 64-bit)/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4
[29640:29660:0826/] Failed to initialize database.
[29682:29682:0826/] Create
[29682:29682:0826/] AudioContext
[29682:29682:0826/] no user gesture
[29682:29682:0826/] IsAllowedToStart
[29682:29682:0826/] starting

And the game still works.  Including sound, despite these new "error messages". I mean, at this point, it's no big deal for me, the game works and I'm all happy!  :-)