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You've conveyed what I wanted to say very well! 

I agree the game isn't perfect & there is definitely room for improvement (I mean, even the dev herself admits the game's weaknesses in the fanbook), but there's nothing perfect in this world, and playing Seiyuu Danshi was an enjoyable time to me. The second and third playthrough are definitely more tedious than the first, but I think that's how it goes for most gameplay-based games.

There isn't anything wrong with not liking the game, though! I myself don't like some games other people like (for example, I find myself getting sleepy several times while I played NTY!), but even though you might not like the game, doesn't mean that there aren't others enjoying the game for what it is. I (and I think I'm not alone in this) don't want the gameplay to be drastically reduced or changed, because I enjoy how it is right now. Further improvements on furnitures and dress-up system is definitely a welcome change, though!

Anyway, the dev is making a new game now, and I'm hoping that the dev will overcome the weak part of Seiyuu Danshi in the new game ^^