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I agree to most of your points (except for MC's high-pitched voice since I played a purely seme route and it's just... weird to me. But since MC's not really a skin where the players can slip into, I don't pay it much mind. He's still a seke even if you purely play as a top or bottom. And also the chibi part. Personally, I feel it's a weird implementation for the sex scenes. Not hot at all, ahaha. Reminds me of other things. I'll save you the mental image, haha.) Couldn't say it better myself. I wish there's a button to like this comment ^^ (EDIT: Oh ooh, nevermind! Just noticed the upvote/downvote buttons. Haha, new here!)

I like the game, but I do admit that it gets tedious after my first playthrough. It was then that I finally saw through the illusion. It's not a game where you can finish every route before moving on to another game. It's best played with a long interval in between. It's a shame, really. It could have been so much better. I have high hopes for the developer, though. They just shoot too high for their first game, in my opinion. 

Anyways, yeah, great review! I hope the dev reads this, takes it into consideration, and improves. Cheers! ^ w ^)/