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For some reason, 0.3.12 is extremely slow with bad framerate and lots of jittering of the view on the Quest. Returning to 0.3.11 fixes that immediately.. any chance you could have a look into that? Thank you for your awesome work.


Thank you for the info. Could you check it again, please? Because I did that a few times and it might be something else :( There is something going really bad. I tried similar setup (experience/tourist + smaller) on two versions. I did uninstall (through adb) and install both versions and it works similar. A drop here and there (menu is unplayable). It is still far from good (many times GPU is at 4 and utilisation >90). But a day or two ago I was testing newer version (0.3.13) and a few playthroughs were unplayable, it was so bad. I am now investigating, what's going on. Haven't changed anything related to rendering (even the basic meshes) since first 0.3.11 (#190).

I will need to provide an option to reply same seed, so it is easier to test the actual performance.

It's extremely noticable right at the beginning, but also in any outside areas. It was perfectly fine in 0.3.11, but just looking at the moving people (?) at the start and turning the head left and right causes massive, nauseating jitter.


There's a huge blending mesh, I'll drop that and reduce number of "people".

I disabled anti-banding (it is noticable in some open spaces) and increased foveated rendering from 3 to 4. I also changed how light is calculated which increased things a bit even more.

But I will definitely have to investigate some meshes and fix them for Quest.

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Are these fixes into #195? Because yesterday I played #192 and had the same problems as Arakorn, but only during one of the two playthroughs I did, both on Tourist.

The first one went totally smooth (render scale 0.7x, AA 2x). The second instead, hours later, was all jittery no matter the graphics setup, even after starting a new level many times. Menu was always fine though! Pretty weird.

I'll update to #195 asap to check it out. By the way, have you considered a Discord server for the game?


Yesterday I've found a quite serious issue that was messing up vr composer (all frames were considered stale because of that). I also changed shaders a bit and they should be easier on GPU. Still LODs have to be added and meshes changed. But I've also found out that there is something really wrong with CPU right now - I am setting up more specific profiling tools to check what's exactly going on there.

There wasn't much going on recently when it comes to performance/gameplay code and I can't still find why 0.3.11 works better. Actually when I investigate it, it works as bad as 0.3.12 :/

There is a discord server (right now I am on my phone, but if you download pc build, ghere is a readme file with a link).

Thanks again for the insight! Hope you manage to find the issues eventually, these issues can get really challenging at times.

I'll join the Discord server soon!


A quick update. Some of the sections are mad. Some elevators alone have 5K triangles. I have to simplify that for Quest.