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Well, not everone can just get a job. Some of us disabled folks for instance. It's quite rude to just assume that anyone can just get a job. Of course you shouldn't get the game for free, but I certainly hope that we're not at the point where asking a question can get you in trouble. I don't like the OP trying to cheat the system anymore than the next person, but try to be a little more respectful that money isn't something that all people can get easily.

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I am not physically disabled. I am neurodivergent. I do not live in the US, and I very much so not appreciate you telling me what I can or cannot do, thank you very much. What people prioritize is none of your business, either. Stop trying to police what people spend their money on.  Some peopIe use games and creative endevours as anxiety relief-myself included. I do not disagree with the basic tenants of your critique, you are just being so incredibly smug, self-important and entitled.

 I do not know the intention of the OP, but he/she could have been asking the developer if you could get the game for free. Unlikely, I know. Again, I do not disagree that it is shitty to not want to pay for a game that people worked hard on. It's just your attitude. Even when talking to an actual disabled person, you're still lecturing me about what you think I am and what I can or cannot do. Only I know that. And stop using disabled people you know as leverage. 

And hurting a living, breathing being is A LOT worse that stealing a video game. 

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