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Really beautiful! I enjoyed it a lot. A couple bits of feedback:
- In the first section towards the end, there's the voice-over, I wanted to be able to understand it but it was a bit too muddy with effects (I was using good headphones). I could only understand a few words.

- I kinda feel like that psychadelic 'oily' effect that gets stronger towards the end of the last section would be better if it wasn't tied to the HMD, but instead existed in the world independent of you and just moved with you, but not with your head movement.

Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately that audio section was from the music track itself so I wasn't able to boost the spoken audio. I had originally planned on making those fx world based but ran into some performance issue, so I decided to go with camera post-processing effects as it ran better and also allowed your vision + focus to control the effects. Again, thanks for the quick write up, always appreciate constructive criticism.

Gotcha, makes sense! And my pleasure, thank you for making it I enjoyed it lots like I said ^^