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This is a fun solitaire variant!  It took a bit to figure out the best way to play but once I did I found myself enjoying it a lot.  

My one complaint is a small thing about the rules of this version of solitaire.  Part of what I think makes solitaire so compelling is the feeling of organizing something that was once chaotic, and one of the most satisfying feelings is when you complete a pile.  This version of the rules, however, discourages you from actually finishing a pile until you're nearly done with the game, as once you make a pile you can no longer use it as a place to invert cards.  It could be nice to have an "easy mode" where players can still use these completed piles as spaces to invert.

Otherwise, the game is solid!  I like the retro computing aesthetic and the music is solid.  This version of solitaire takes a decent amount of brain power and planning so it's not always a "chill out" sort of game, but when I'm in the mood for a quick brainteaser it certainly satisfies.


Appreciate the thoughtful comment! That's an interesting viewpoint on solitaire that I hadn't considered. While I love the cerebral nature of the game and the tension and difficulty curve that completed piles bring to the table, I like your suggestion for an "easy mode" for slightly more casual play. I will give this some thought as an additional game mode!