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DAY 4!!!

I managed to get a few things finished up today!!! First of all I got done w/ a WAAAAY nicer beta background for the game. And I was able to freshen up my skills and learn HOW TO MAKE THEM SCROLL!!!!

I've also been messing around with paths, too! While I'm trying to get in how to plug in my time travel game mechanic, I've been working on learning paths which will be a major thing to know in order to implement it! As you can see, I have a screaming blue guy following a preset path in the background, and I also have a happy little guy who follows me if I'm in a certain radius of them!

They won't follow me into the abyss, though. They have self-preservation. (And gravity makes me fall too quickly to stay in the radius but. I can't stop laughing at how 'NOPE' it is.)

On the less visible side of things, I've been doing research into how to use 2D arrays, since I'll need them to record the position of where my player's been! I'm estimating that this is probably going to take a couple of days to figure out, so I'm trying to take it in steps!

School begins tomorrow, so I'll have to be SUPER GOOD AT TIME MANAGEMENT! In order to handle game jam!


  • Implement a 2D array that plugs in a log of the characters position.
  • Rough sketch of a basic simple puzzle room.
  • Goodbye jumping lizard you'll be getting replaced with a new beta sprite.
  • BONUS: Make level larger, implement a camera scroll.