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I can't find the answer to this, but how do you dodge missles using information from that triangle that appears when a missle is locked to hit you? I see it changing shape, but I don't understand how to use its visual shape shifting to dodge enemy missles. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

There are two techniques you can utilize in different situations. You should have already noticed that when the missiles get closer the triangle gets larger and the alarm rings faster. The alarm sound is the most important part of missile detection.and avoidance. If the alarm is sounding off rapidly you can choose to either use your flares or you can use maneuvering. If you choose the maneuvering you can use the shape of the screen to choose the direction of your maneuver. The best practice is to overcome the maximum turn rate of the oncoming missile. This can be done be analyzing the direction the missile is homing in from. Once you have determined the angle the missile is approaching, begin turning the same direction where the missile is coming from. This will force the missile to turn sharper to strike a hit. If the missile is continuing to home in closer even while using this evasive maneuver pop flares. This combo will defeat 99.99 of missiles coming your direction.