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I am a 2D artist looking for or team!

1. Introduction:

Hi, I'm Ellie from Turin, Italy, she/her pronouns, timezone UTC +1, and I'm an illustrator and concept artist. I actually work as 2D artist for an indie game projects called Lost Paradise and for some other little software houses/pubblishers. I'm not always available (cause I must give priority to work) but I'd really like to be part of a team in this game jam, expecially as character artist that is my speciality.

I like most fantasy/horror stuff, I'm quite good with some anime/manga style, and I'm not really in confidence with mecha/scifi stuff.

2. Skills:

1. Concept art

2. Character Design

3. Environments (quite good)

3. 2D illustrations

4. General 2D stuff like sprites, assets/props, simple UI/GUI

3. Programs/Languages:

1. Photoshop

2. Clip Studio Paint

3. Sai

4. Portfolio: and my side art blog with some other stuff:

5. Contact:

Skype: multicolorlips0

Discord: ellieinthesky #3483