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Alright. Lets get to it.

I understand that this is a "life simulator" and that life involves politics. I understand that people are upset about this game, because of its vague political position evident in the wording being pushed at them.

I also know that people are defending the game and are trying to explain that its just trying to show the sad unfairness in the world.

Lets be honest, right here, right now. There is no political position, but there is a simple fact: that the author obviously does want to push that the world is unfair. However, its done badly. Life is chance, but it is not based on "privilege". Or, at least, the game depicts life as only dependent on it, which is entirely false.

That is all I got. I dunno lol. Just annoying, how people believe that believing certain privileges are a thing, makes you leftist, or political at all. Its upsetting, and like I said, annoying. Its an alright game, and the music is nice to listen to, so play it and you give your own thoughts, I guess.