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Hey, I really appreciate the feedback. It really helps to know which areas to focus my work on.

About the "end-turn", I agree, I have made it so that there are notifications that tell you "Your turn" and "Enemy turn", but those are not sufficient I feel. I will get to it, hopefully soon!

I take what you said about the engine as a compliment, it makes me feel less like a fool for writing the engine myself :)

I have played Arcanum and Fallout and Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 and some jRPGs, I have definitely been inspired by the RPG genre! :)

The game draws a lot from turn based strategies like Heroes of Might and Magic and Disciples, but with the RPG progression system and much deeper combat mechanics. 

Things you like/dislike - super useful, thank you!

I think the idea with saves is really good, for the reasons you described, but we wanted to also make sure that the actions feel consequential, you can't just reload and undo what has happened, since that's not even an option. It's not 100% successful, since you can still "reload" after a bad fight due to the fact that Auto-save is done at the end of your turn. Putting it in the settings might be a good way, like you said.

About the memory leak - you're right, there was a fairly serious memory leak. It's fixed in the new patch (1.2). The problem was inside particle engine, some resources were not disposed properly.

I really appreciate the feedback, thanks a ton!